Psychosexual therapy can be undertaken for a variety of reasons. It involves using psychology to address and solve sexual difficulties. For men, these often involve difficulties with having or maintaining erections or with what is often called “premature ejaculation”. ( A preferred term is “rapid ejaculation”. ) For both women and men, there may be difficulties with orgasm, libido, or a sense that sexual interest could be higher or lower. Pain may be experienced on intercourse. There may be a desire for a more varied or exciting sex life, or emotional or couple difficulties may be affecting sex itself. A difference in perceived libido may be seen as contributing to couple difficulties.

I also deal with sexual addiction, which can take various forms such as a compulsion to use pornography excessively, visits to sex workers, or a compulsion to have sex frequently but without real enjoyment.


Individuals may bring issues around sexual orientation and identity. Sexual abuse may be impacting upon individuals or couples in the present.

Therapy may take a number of forms, including verbal exploration, cognitive work or behavioural work where appropriate, and where the client is willing to undertake it.


There is evidence to suggest that psychosexual therapy is an effective form of therapy which enables issues to be tackled successfully that conventional psychotherapy does not help.


I have experience with lesbian, gay and heterosexual couples. I have been trained in Psychosexual Therapy at the Whittington Hospital (N.H.S.) and I have worked in the clinic there as an Advanced Trainee working with individuals and couples.