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Depression can be devastating in its symptoms and effects. It is complex in its origins; it can begin with childhood bereavement, bullying, trauma or abuse or it can be encouraged by the example of a depressed parent or depressing environment. The suppression of other feelings such as guilt or shame can produce it, and it is often helpful to identify buried feelings and find a way of expressing them.


Depression can be aggravated, triggered or caused by current circumstances, such as stress or bullying at work, or feeling trapped in an unhappy relationship. Therapy can give you the opportunity to look at your life and see how it can be made happier and more fulfilling.

When depression is severe, its sufferers often feel trapped, worthless, ugly or unloveable. Therapy can give you a chance to see how these ideas arose and to replace them with more realistic and helpful conceptions. Depression has been called ‘the unnecessary disease.’ A successful therapy can give you the chance to escape from it.

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