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Individual therapy may be undertaken for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Exploring yourself, perhaps for personal development.

  • To deal with a particular situation, such as a stressful period at work, a relationship break-up, a bereavement, or the end of a relationship.

  • Because you have a sense that your life is not working out, and you would like to understand the situation more and see what can be done about it.

  • To deal with some sort of emotional difficulty such as a tendency to worry, anxiety or depression.

  • In order to come to terms with your past- with for example, emotional, sexual, or physical abuse, a bereavement in childhood, or a difficult childhood in general.

  • To overcome a particular habit, such as alcohol or drug problems, a tendency towards obsessive-compulsive behaviours, or suffering from phobias.

  • To enable you to reduce your anger levels and learn to manage your responses effectively.


In practice, consideration of one of these aspects can lead onto others.


I also offer individual therapy for psychosexual and relationship difficulties and for difficulties around weight and eating disorders. The former includes sexual addiction.

Time Limited Therapy

In time-limited therapy, we agree on a number of sessions, say 6 or 12, during which we define a reasonable objective and I help you to tackle this.

This is effective in tackling individual issues and the time-limited factor makes these focused sessions where we find a way forwards, which is often in itself a great reassurance in times of great distress.


Open Ended Therapy


Open ended therapy allows us to work through issues as quickly or as slowly as you want and gives us the opportunity for deep exploration of experiences and issues in order to make fundamental changes in yourself.


Open ended therapy allows you to evaluate the right time for you to stop, ensuring that you always feel in total control. This provides a more open and flowing therapy experience than a time-limited course.


Therapy That Works For You

You may now have a clear idea of the type of therapy which will work for you but if not, don’t worry. I am always happy to make a recommendation after an initial consultation and we can change tactics at any time. I will always work with you to ensure that the therapy you receive is suited to your personality and situation so we can make the best progress for you.

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